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Consulting Services


I am available for any of these Consulting Service. Read each to determine those you are interested in I will respond to your request so an appointment can be scheduled.  

Tarot Card Readings 
Tarot Card Readings address problems using the Tarot to give deeper insight to them and suggest possible solutions.  

Intuitive Counseling
I will help you use your own intuition to uncover information hidden deep within your subconscious mind. Exercises are given to strengthen your intuition to gain knowledge and guidance problems faced and offer ways to release them.
Self-Hypnosis is a powerful tool where you are able to direct uncover things about yourself . It  can help with problems such weight control, self-esteem, stop smoking, anxiety, depression and many other undesirable habits. You are alway in control and are able to take a mental inventroy of your life style. 

Regression Therapy
A process which guides you to a level of consciousness where you are aware of past events in another life time. Regression Therapy often tiggers root causes of issues faced in the present life.




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