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The following workshops are offered on-line are at a designated facililty.  They are offered from time to time. Once you provide your contact information on the contact page of this site, you will be notified of when they offered.  This page is updated frequently when new workshops are offered. 

The Art and Zen of Meditation- Meditation is a powerful tool to help bring balance into ones life. In this workshop you will explore the following types of meditation:

  • Mindful Meditation- This type is helpful to calm and body by becoming still and allow to the create balance and harmony in the mind and strengthen to body to function in a natural state of peace

  • Breathing Meditation- Attention is focused on the breath. The goal is to watch the breath as it flows in and out of

       of the body  thus creaating a state of deep relaxation and connecting with the subconscious mind bringing self-
        awareness and insight.

  •  Guided Imagery Meditation- A form of meditation where the mind is directred to use the imagination to create a
    reality in the mind as real. 


Tarot Cards Demystified-A series of workshops to learn how to use the Tarot Cards for reaadings.

Reincarnation and Karma: Journey of the Soul -Explore ancient concepts of Reincarnation and Karma and how it may apply to your own life.

ESP and Occult Science- This is a set of activities to help you develop a strong intuition using the six senses.
Creative Visualation-Discovering the Potential of Your Mind-  Learn how to use your mind to create images of desires and set goals to obtain then. 

Embracing Relationships- How healthy are the relationships in my life. It maybe time to take an inventory of what is good and not so good about. This workshop is an opportunity to take a close look at where you are in your relationships and create a roadmap of where you want to be.

Self-Hypnosis for Positve Change- Learn how to use this positive tool for overcoming issues such as lose weight, stop smoking, develop self-esteem, overcome undersirable habits and any problems that are not serving you. 

Past Life Regression- These workshops are based on the theory that there are hidden causes deep within your subconscious mind that maybe the cause of problems in your current life. 

You may request workshop to offered to your group. Please contact me for details.




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